Environmental Test

We pride ourselves in our product inspection facility which ensures the high quality products.

To meet our customers’ requirements, we conduct various tests for every possible situation, which ensures high quality products managed by our extraordinary quality control systems. Environmental tests by Lloyd and NK are available upon request.

Environmental Test

Large sized temperature / Humidity testing chamber which is capable to hold the control boards while in operation;
We perform environmental tests complied with Lloyd, NK or IEC using a large sized vibration testing device.

Environmental Testing Devices

Built-in Chamber

  • Variable Temperature: -30 to 80 deg C
  • Variable Humidity: 30 to 95%RH (at 25 deg C)
  • Inner Volume: W4,070 x H2,800 x D1,970mm

Vibration Testing Chamber (Frequency: 5 - 5,000Hz)

  • Maximum Accelerate Speed: 80G (Without load)
  • Maximum Range of Vibration: 30mmP-P
  • Maximum Loadable Weight: Vertical 400kg Horizontal 2,500kg

Noise, Simulator

  • Pulse Bandwidth: 50ns - 1µs
  • Applicable Voltage: Max. Triangle Wave 4,000V
  • Phase Angle: 0 - 360 deg
  • Maximum Loadable Weight: Vertical 400kg Horizontal 2,500kg

Built-in ChamberBuilt-in Chamber

Vibration Testing ChamberVibration Testing Chamber
Noise SimulatorNoise Simulator



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